Bladeslapper Sunnies


A great pair of reflector aviators. They are a little smaller and flatter than the original aviator frame and look good on most people. The build quality is really good.

Feel like a real pilot and grab yourself a pair of these!

Each pair comes with an original Bladeslapper Sunnies registration number. You will be able to log in and upload pics of your sunnies in exotic locations and/or positions...

A pair has been road tested for 3 months on the job. They have lived in the top pocket of a work shirt and have survived several hugs and a couple of really good chest marks. One mark resulted in a good bending of the frame but they straightened out no probs. They have been dropped onto concrete several times too and the mirror finish has remained unscathed.

Add a pair to the cart and support bladeslapper! Some of the profits will actually go toward keeping bladeslapper online, some will probably go toward beer.

UPDATE - I am still wearing the same pair after nearly two years. They are a little worse for wear (read daily torture) but still work and look fine.

Details entered to join the shop remain private, your bladeslapper handle will not be compromised.

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